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Veto Pro Pac XXL-F Organization Examples

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Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag on Amazon and Reviews

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this is same as the Carpenter’s bag photo in the earlier post today:



Tool Bag Art: Veto Pro Pac LC –Packs A lot of Tools!!!!

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Veto Pro Pac OT-XL Open Top Bag on Amazon with Reviews

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Sometimes opportunity knocks and says;”I need it done right now.” Enter the Open Top version of our award winning XL. It’s the perfect king-sized, all-purpose bag for those fill ´em up and go situations. Specs: 18″ H X 16.5″ L X 9.5″ W (12″ H with handle folded down)



Veto Pro Pac LC on Amazon with reviews

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Amazon Veto Pro Pac LC with reviews:


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The daily work routine of tradesmen can be improved and simplified by using dedicated tool bags. Some carpenters, in a pinch, might do a little electrical or plumbing. If and when they need to move a switch or an outlet, having a bag set up for electrical tools simplifies the routine….. grab the electrical bag that has all the electrical tools…. some electrical tap and wire connectors and you can get the job done with the right tools.  A tradesman might need to tie a small section of wall for a return making up a pantry in a kitchen….when it is sheet rocked and it is time to tape, grab the bag that’s set up with a few basic taping knifes, hawk, rolls of paper and fiber tape and once again you have the bag with the right tools to do the job…nothing worse than trying to spread joint compound with a paint scraper.

The list of dedicated bags goes on……a dedicated cordless bag with a couple different size cordless drills, chargers and spare batteries along with bit boxes……. a dedicated router bag with 2 and  3 horse power plunge routers and a small laminate router along with a box or two of router bits. The point is that to do a variety of jobs that require a variety of tools it is important to have dedicated bags set up with specific tools that make the daily work routine that much easier and less frustrating. Think about what tools you have in your truck and how they might be grouped into specific categories and then put them into specific bags so when you are ready to do a specific task you grab the bag that has the tools you need to get the job done…who needs to be digging around in the back of their truck looking for 6” taping knife when you can grab the taping tool bag and if you set the bag up right…it’s in there Norton!


Veto Pro Pac XXL-F Independent Review: THE BIG BOY OF TOOL BAGS

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How often have you thought to yourself, –Damn, I wish I had a hand saw?” Well, now you can pack that serrated sidekick, or a level, or a pry bar, or anything else that requires a little more horizontal territory. The XXL-F handles longer tools while still providing vertical storage in the form of 54 total pockets that can accommodate about 80 tools of varying sizes. Booyeah! Specs: 17″ H x 25.5″ L x 9.5″ W « (11.5″ H with handle folded down):

Veto Pro Pac LC Review By Tools In Action

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The Quest For The PERFECT Tool Bag

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The Quest for the Perfect Tool Bag

I haven’t had a lot of experience with tool bags.  As a matter of fact, the very first tool bag I owned was not a tool bag at all.
It was a nylon tool belt which was purchased at Home Depot and was loaded down with all brand new Klein Tools.  You see, as an electrical apprentice, not having a lot of money I couldn’t afford a high end bag or at least what I thought was a high end bag.  I know what you’re thinking. I couldn’t afford a bag but I could afford all brand new Klein tools.  That’s only because I like having quality tools and I don’t mind spending money on THAT.

Anyways, during my first year as an apprentice, the only tool bags that I had been exposed to were the bags that all the journeymen I worked with carried around.  Many electricians are familiar with the square leather open top style tool bags which cost around $200. Nowadays, there are similar nylon ones which you see on many job sites.  At the time, I thought these were the bags to use on the job.  They offered a basic form of vertical tool organization and a fair amount of storage.
When I finally saved some money, I decided to go with that tool bag.  At the time, I thought it was the best tool bag on the market, and I felt so proud to have a bag that the journeymencarried around.  However, the more I used the tool bag, the more I found it annoying. The middle of the bag was open storage that I’d fill with whatever I needed to carry, such as my tester, meter, safety glasses etc.  I noticed that I was constantly pulling things out of the open storage to find things at the bottom.

What a waste of time! STRIKE ONE!

After a couple of years into my apprenticeship, I started accumulating quite a lot of tools, more so than some of the journeymen I worked with. Naturally, I managed to stuff all these extra tools into an already small and disorganized mess of a tool bag.  I found that the more tools I fit into the bag, the more top heavy the bag became and the more I found myself picking up my tools whenever the bag fell over. I can’t tell you how many times my bag tipped over and tools fell out when I opened the door to the truck.

Near the end of my apprenticeship, our company was doing a lot of out of town jobs.  This meant that we had to pack our tools into luggage and take them on an airplane.  What a pain in the butt!  I had to take all my tools out of my bag, wrap them all up and then stuff them all AND my bag into a large duffel with all my other work gear.


A fellow apprentice was going through the same frustration.  He took it upon himself to research some alternatives to the bag dilemma.  One day at work, he shows up with this amazing bag. It was a VETO PRO PAC LC! Everyone on the crew was amazed at the quality and the apparent thought process that went into designing the bag.  Sure enough, a week later, we all had the same bags.  A little while after that, we had another out of town job.  I didn’t have to endue the same frustration as before.  This time, all I did was zip up the bag and into the duffel it went.


A work day with my tools in a Veto Pro Pac is so easy and stress-freeAll my tools are organized and protected.  I can quickly glance at the pockets and I know exactly what is missing or out of place.   I save so much time now. Having the zippered sides is great for keeping things in place. I no longer have to worry about when I open the door to the truck and if I’m on a busy jobsite, I zip up the sides to keep sticky fingers from seeing and taking my precious tools.

Out of sight, out of mind!!.

It’s been three years since I purchased the Veto Pro Pac LC.  I’m a journeyman now and recently, I thought my Veto Pro Pac was going to get its first strike. The zippers on both sides of the bags were starting to wear.  When I first got the bag, I assumed the warranty was like every other product in this world, one year.  However, I went to, the Veto Pro Pac website, to buy another bag when I read the words, “5 Year Warranty”.  Excitedly, I followed the claim procedure and within a

matter of days, I had my replacement bag with No hassles.  My experience with Veto Pro PAC has been amazing! So amazing in fact, I ordered a Veto Pro Pac XL to accommodate all the extra tools I’ve accumulated over the years.  I am so happy when I reach for my tools because I know that they are safe and organized, and now I am the envy of apprentices and journeymen alike.

Thanks Veto Pro Pac.

Your loyal customer for life,

Daniel Lee

Designing A Tool Bag for Contractors

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This is a re-print of our article:


Most tool companies employ MBAs and product designers and product engineers, neither of who have ever worked in a trade, to determine how to approach a specific need in the market and make it come to life.  Unfortunately, the fact is that experience in the field is the only way to understand what problems, issues, and concerns tradesmen face on a daily basis.   Traditional tool companies miss the boat, because:

GATEMOUTH BAGS, TOTES, TOOL BOXES AND BUCKETS, the traditional bags, are called DIG AND DUMP for a reason.  Tradesmen dig, dump, find, put the tools back together, and then do it over and over again. It is like Humpty Dumpty.

Also, according to a recent survey

1.  60+% of Tradesmen replace their tool bags every year; 15% replace them every 3-6 months.  That makes no sense and demonstrates that manufacturers don’t understand how to design a product that is durable and works.

2.  57% of Tradesmen take 3 or more trips to their trucks every day because they don’t have the right tool(s) in their tool bags.  Why?  The number one reason is because they don’t have easy access to their tools and their tool bags don’t offer good organization.

3.  30% of Tradesmen lose in excess of $100 of tools every year; 6% lose more than $250.    Why?  Again, the number one reason is because their tools are not organized, they dig and dump too often, and they spend too much time searching for their tools.

4. 68% of Tradesmen carry more than $500 of tools in their bags; 21% have more than $750 and 18% have more than $1,000.

Bottom line:

a. Tradesmen have expensive tools

b. Tool Bags Need to be designed highly durable with vertically organized pockets.  This will help tradesmen substantially lower the probability of losing tools, wasting time searching for tools, and making too many trips to their truck.

c. A company backed by tradesmen or former tradesmen is best suited to designing products that solve their problems.