Designing A Tool Bag for Contractors

This is a re-print of our article:


Most tool companies employ MBAs and product designers and product engineers, neither of who have ever worked in a trade, to determine how to approach a specific need in the market and make it come to life.  Unfortunately, the fact is that experience in the field is the only way to understand what problems, issues, and concerns tradesmen face on a daily basis.   Traditional tool companies miss the boat, because:

GATEMOUTH BAGS, TOTES, TOOL BOXES AND BUCKETS, the traditional bags, are called DIG AND DUMP for a reason.  Tradesmen dig, dump, find, put the tools back together, and then do it over and over again. It is like Humpty Dumpty.

Also, according to a recent survey

1.  60+% of Tradesmen replace their tool bags every year; 15% replace them every 3-6 months.  That makes no sense and demonstrates that manufacturers don’t understand how to design a product that is durable and works.

2.  57% of Tradesmen take 3 or more trips to their trucks every day because they don’t have the right tool(s) in their tool bags.  Why?  The number one reason is because they don’t have easy access to their tools and their tool bags don’t offer good organization.

3.  30% of Tradesmen lose in excess of $100 of tools every year; 6% lose more than $250.    Why?  Again, the number one reason is because their tools are not organized, they dig and dump too often, and they spend too much time searching for their tools.

4. 68% of Tradesmen carry more than $500 of tools in their bags; 21% have more than $750 and 18% have more than $1,000.

Bottom line:

a. Tradesmen have expensive tools

b. Tool Bags Need to be designed highly durable with vertically organized pockets.  This will help tradesmen substantially lower the probability of losing tools, wasting time searching for tools, and making too many trips to their truck.

c. A company backed by tradesmen or former tradesmen is best suited to designing products that solve their problems.


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